New research from one of the UK’s leading recruitment specialists has revealed that 66% of Chief Information Officers will be hiring additional, permanent employees to help them engage with the introduction of the new European Union General Data Protection Regulations. Furthermore, 64% of CIOs will hire temporary staff to help them to make sure they have the correct amount of talent in place in their organisation to manage the changes that will be required to their management and reporting procedures.

The new European Union General Data Protection Regulations is getting ever closer, with the May 25 2018 introduction date now less than a year away. The new regulations are revolutionary in the ways that organisations will be required to approach data security and data privacy. They are designed to engage with the need for more stringent privacy and security in the modern age, something previous data protection regulations were unfit to do so because of their age and the speed of modern technological developments.

GDPR Recruitment On The Increase

As organisations are now rapidly seeing the need to comply with the new EU General Data Protection Regulations, their recruitment efforts are now increasing. According to the report by Robert Half, demand for roles such as permanent project managers (33%), business analysts (26%) and data protection officers (26%) are on the increase.

Types Of Role

Interestingly, the type of role that businesses are recruiting for to deal with the new European Union General Data Protection Regulations varies depending upon company size. Smaller businesses, of whom 16% see GDPR as a concern are more likely to hire project managers to help them deal with GDPR compliance. Larger businesses, of whom 12% are concerned about complying with GDPR are placing a greater focus on recruiting data protection officers according to the research.

Key GDPR Skills

The key skills that are being asked for are a mix of soft and technical skills, vital if the long term implication of GDPR is to be successful. Key skills being asked for include:

  • Analytics: 44%
  • Regulation and compliance knowledge: 39%
  • Project management: 38%
  • Strategic thinking: 39%
  • Communication: 39%
  • Attention to detail: 31%

“GDPR is the latest piece of legislation to evolve the compliance and regulatory landscape in the UK and across Europe,” explained Phil Sheridan, Senior Managing Director at Robert Half UK, UAE and South America. “As demand for candidates with the required technical and project management skills reaches fever pitch, business should seek out those with the transferable skills required to ensure compliance. While GDPR certified practitioners are in short supply, project managers and business analysts with experience in MiFID ii and SOX, among others, with have the requisite skills to support, particularly on an interim and project basis.”