After its £2.6bn acquistion by Pepsi, SodaStream is planning rapid growth through a focus on marketing and innovation but claims it is holding onto its startup mentality.

You have to be a little bit crazy to work for SodaStream or so Tiago Alves, the company’s UK general manager, says. He is talking fervently about the brand and about how a little bit of insanity is essential to thrive within the homemade sparkling water company.

“You need to be someone who takes risks and [having] a bit of crazy is critical. We don’t have a big budget so we always need creativity,” he explains.

Founded in 1903, SodaStream manufactures devices that allow owners to make carbonated drinks at home. Rising to fame in the 1980s with its upbeat ads promising fizzy drinks at home, it has since pivoted more towards health and the environment with a focus on being a plastic-free alternative for sparkling water.

Alves was hired in 2018 to “inject some energy” into the UK market after spending eight years in marketing at appliances manufacturer BSH.

SodaStream had successfully repositioned to be synonymous with sparkling water in the Nordics, Germany, the US and Israel, but the UK was lagging behind.

“It’s a super brand but it has been asleep,” Alves explains.

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