By looking at more than one million comments about mascara online, the beauty giant was able to come up with what it believes is the ultimate product.

Avon has overhauled its approach to innovation by using social listening to create a product that appeals across demographics.

The beauty giant launched True 5-in-1 Lash Genius Mascara earlier this month after scouring the internet for ideas to create a product that appealed to different generations and geographies.

According to Avon, this makes it the first beauty brand to use social listening to create a mass market product, and marks its intention to react quickly to consumer needs and lead on innovation.

“It is part of our overall strategy to be more on-trend and fast,” James Thompson, Avon’s chief marketing officer, tells Marketing Week. “[Social listening allows us to] be fast to a trend that we’re already seeing and lead the way ourselves.”

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