Marketers are relishing the opportunity to take on different responsibilities and expand their repertoire by swapping corporate organisations for emerging businesses.

big fish small pond

The startup world is exhilarating, boasting the potential for unbelievable highs, alongside the risk of crushing lows. But despite the uncertainty, it is a world many CMOs are interested in exploring, even though it means swapping a global remit, big budgets, large teams and an extensive agency network for the relative unknown.

After seven years at Moneysupermarket Group, Darren Bentley knew he wanted his next move to be to a startup.

Determined to see if he could thrive in an environment that stretched his abilities, in July he was appointed chief customer officer at Cazoo, an early-stage startup aimed at disrupting the way second-hand cars are sold. However, before making the leap Bentley was on the lookout for three things.

“First is an idea that is genuinely disruptive, so it feels like you have got the opportunity to improve an end-to-end customer experience,” he explains.

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