Toast Ale, which is made from surplus bread, has rebranded, dropping its sometimes “preachy” communication to better engage consumers.

Tackling climate change and craft beer might not seem like obvious allies, but that is the mission of Toast Ale, a beer brand that uses surplus bread to make its three signature ales.

But having seen the social, political and beer markets change drastically over the past three years since it launched in 2016, it is now rebranding.

Toast’s chief brand officer Louisa Ziane admits the brand has learnt from “past mistakes” which saw it communicate environmental information in a “preachy or an academic way” that made it “a bit dull and boring”. She hopes the rebrand will make Toast’s environmental impact more “enticing”.

“We are trying to make people feel good about the things they can do and celebrate the fact they can do something. We then hope they can delve deeper into other issues and take other actions,” she explains.

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