The rise of podcasts and online streaming, as well as a wealth of devices to listen to audio on, has meant advertisers are re-evaluating the role of audio in their marketing mix.

We are in a new age of audio opportunity and potential. After years of taking a back seat to more attractive and measurable ad formats and undergoing very little change or disruption, all of a sudden audio is the new golden child of advertising and marketing.

The phenomenal surge in popularity of audio media including podcasts and music streaming, combined with the rise of new devices for listening such as smart speakers and smart headphones, is opening up new avenues for brands to promote their products to a highly-engaged audience. And while the challenges of audio advertising have not been completely solved, there is a new enthusiasm from ad tech providers and others to tackle them.

But why has 2019 been hailed in some quarters as “the year of audio”, and why is this almost century-old form of advertising gaining a new lease of life?