Competition in the alternative meat industry is fierce so brands must carve out a solid positioning if they’re to earn a spot on everyone’s plates, including meat-eating sceptics.

Impossible Foods

The meat alternatives industry is sizzling and it’s not looking like cooling down anytime soon.

In the UK, 29% of all evening meals consumed are now meat-free, according to research from Kantar, while analysts at Barclays suggest the market could be worth £140bn globally within the next decade.

No surprises then that traditional meat manufacturers such as Kerry Foods and Birds Eye are eyeing the opportunity to offer consumers vegetarian alternatives too.

It is a niche industry, but it’s not new. Meat-free burgers and sausages hit the supermarket shelves in the 1980s, but the plant-based meatless products available today aren’t your typical veggie burger.

Products from industry giants such as Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat and Moving Mountains are made from plants, but are supposed to mimic the real thing in terms of taste, smell and texture.

This means they’re marketed differently too. While veggie burgers have typically been marketed to vegetarians, plant-based faux meat manufacturers are targeting both herbivores and meat eaters.

In fact, most of these brands are targeting carnivores rather than veggies. However, marketers of meatless meat certainly have their work cut out if their products are going to find their way into everyone’s trolley.

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