Tesco’s Alessandra Bellini believes in the power of brands, is rigorous with measurement and doesn’t do what her customers say. She also just loves selling bananas. The winner of the Marketing Week Masters Marketer of the Year award explains how keeping it simple has helped turnaround the Tesco business.

Alessandra Bellini is obsessed with marketing. When she’s not doing what she’s paid to do as Tesco’s chief customer officer, she’s thinking about it: she’s looking at what people put in their trollies and cupboards, what they eat and checking out restaurant kitchens.

“I just like to observe what people do, how they shop, what choices they make and what brands they have,” she says. “I look at that and think about it all the time.”

Bellini describes herself as an FMCG, everyday products kind of girl. Her face lights up when she talks about a photo of her at a Tesco checkout, scanner in hand, when she first joined the supermarket in 2017.

“This is when I thought, I have arrived,” she says. “I just love selling bananas and soaps and deodorants and toothpaste and ice cream. I love the fact I work on simple products that seemingly don’t matter; the everyday things that impact people’s lives.”