Essity’s global marketing boss has spent her career working across five different countries, which while difficult from a personal perspective has helped her better understand global business.

Martina Poulopati Gerhard Essity

Every time Martina Poulopati Gerhard, global marketing and communications director at Essity, has taken on a new role it has meant moving countries.

Her career began at McCann Erickson in Athens as an account executive, before a trans-Atlantic switch to McCann in San Francisco. Poulopati Gerhard describes her decision to work in the US as a “life-changing move” as it opened her eyes to the diversity of different cultures and “liberal, open-minded ideologies”.

“The work-life balance in California was significantly better, the agency was well staffed, the scope was smaller, but richer from a content and quality point of view, and the overall spirit was very fun, positive and collaborative – which was a big change,” she explains.

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