There are a myriad of ways for brands to use digital innovation for customer service but the best are taking an omnichannel approach to ensure they delight, rather than annoy, customers.

The average UK consumer checks their smartphone every 12 minutes of the waking day, according to research by Ofcom. This level of “digital dependency” (and 24/7 connectivity) means consumers are now more demanding than ever before.

This can be dangerous for companies that do not invest in customer service, because – as well as being demanding – consumers are becoming increasingly fickle. A 2018 study from NewVoiceMedia states that 42% of customers have reported leaving a business due to poor customer service. More often than not, this stems from not receiving a quick enough resolution, having to make too much effort, or not receiving a human interaction at any stage.

The good news is that companies are starting to recognise the crucial importance of customer service, with some placing it under the wider umbrella of customer experience. According to SalesForce, 82% of the 3,500 customer service decision-makers it surveyed believe their company’s customer service must transform to stay competitive.

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