Since taking on the European CMO role, Benjamin Braun has brought a focus on measurement to its marketing strategy, while also hunting for creative ideas that can demystify technology.

Samsung’s Benjamin Braun is a self-declared tech nerd. He speaks about his old red Nokia 8210 and favourite game Snake 2 with as much enthusiasm as he does Samsung’s new ‘shelfie’-taking smart fridge and the stylus pen in his phone that makes the “disproportionate” amount of time he spends presenting things much easier.

But Braun is more than a humble “tech nerd” addicted to watching YouTube videos of people making croissants and who has, by his own admission, “wasted days” of his life playing Snake.

At the beginning of this year, he became the European marketing boss of one of the biggest consumer electronics companies in the world. That same marketer, whose most-used emojis are the thumbs up and smiling poo, has just sent the world’s first selfie into space.

“I’ve always had this natural love and passion for aesthetics and a way of taking something which is complex and making it easier to understand,” Braun says, recalling the time he decided to go against the advice of his professor and translate a 30-page university paper into a simple infographic (he got a First).

Of course, Samsung’s space selfie was slightly more complex to execute. But Braun believes “if you have a great idea, it will carry itself”. In this case, attached to a balloon half the size of a basketball court 64,000ft above ground.

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