Our video series exploring effectiveness in B2B marketing looks at the impact account based marketing can have on building relevant propositions for key customers.

Account based marketing (ABM) is giving B2B brands an opportunity to devise more effective and tailored marketing for key clients.

In the latest part in our video series focused on B2B marketing, ServiceNow’s Gemma Davies tells Marketing Week how the brand invested in changing perceptions and mindsets to offer a relevant proposition to a small number of clients, which make up almost a third of its business.

Think long, learn fast for effective B2B marketing

As Davies attests, ABM is “all about the long game”, but it’s one all marketers should be prepared to play if they would to be able to achieve and demonstrate marketing effectiveness. As research by Marketing Week and The Marketing Practice found earlier this year, the most successful marketers plan further ahead and run campaigns over a longer timeframe.