After introducing NPS to its services business, Benefit has been able to map the success of its customer experience and drive this agenda up to the C-suite.


From face waxes to brow tints, Benefit sees its services business as a key way to acquire new customers, retain loyal ones and cross-sell into its beauty products.

To strengthen the business case for its services and build momentum internally, Benefit introduces a bespoke Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to understand how well its teams were performing.

The cosmetics company first piloted NPS at the end of last year, before implementing the programme officially in April. Customers who have opted in to receive communications from Benefit are sent a short three-question survey via text message up to an hour after they had their appointment. The text asks if they have two minutes to give feedback on the service, if so they click through to the survey.

The marketing team score responses across four key themes, which enables them to see which parts of the service experience are pushing scores up and where the issues might be.

First, they look at what the business calls the ‘Benefit Factor’, which refers to an attitude of going above and beyond, and encapsulates what the brand describes as the ‘Benefit DNA’.

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